Our Price List
1 dog 1-3 days £25
4-5 days £22
2 dogs1-3 days £40
4-5 days £35
3 dogs1-3 days £50
4-5 days £44
4 dogs1-3 days £60
4-5 days £53
We only offer our dog walking services to dogs that attend a minimum of one day per week. We do not offer an ad-hoc service; this ensures that all dogs are comfortable with their dog walker and all the dogs that come to The Canine Agency.
What times do you pick up and drop off?
Pick up times in the morning are between 8am and 10am depending on location, and drop offs are between 1.45pm and 3.30pm. Your designated dogwalker will be able to give you a more accurate time depending where on their route you are.
What areas do you pick up from?
We are a team of 7 dog walkers who cover Sheen, Richmond, St margarets, Twickenham, Teddington, Hampton hill, Surbiton, East molesey, Thames ditton, Esher, Oxshott, Claygate , Chessington and Kingston.
Do you feed the dogs?
Yes, if your dog is requiring lunch, then please just leave it out for us in the morning and we will give them their lunch before we leave the field.
Do you mix all the dogs together?
Yes all dogs will get to see the same faces every time they come and become accustomed to their own pack and pack leader. Their dogwalker will always be with your dog ensuring they are safe and happy.
Are the dogs left outside all day?
We are open come rain or shine. Most dogs don’t notice the rain, but for the more fair weather dog we have a shelter they can wait in whilst their friends continue tearing around. For dogs that really dislike bad weather, our vans are always kitted out with cosy blankets so they can warm up in one of our crates until they are ready to come and play again. In the summer months, there is plenty of shade for the dogs to play or rest in, and water for when they need to go and cool down.
Do I need to leave out anything in the morning to take with my dog?
No we have leads and treats so all that’s needed is your dog.
How do you transport the dogs?
We all have large spacious air-conditioned vans that have crates to transport the dogs.
Do dogs have to come on the same day each week?
No we are very flexible with days but we do ask that your dog comes a minimum of one day per week so that he or she feels comfortable and develops a bond with their walker and the other dogs.
I am nervous letting my dog off the lead as she doesn’t have very good recall, can I still send her?
Our field is fenced, private and secure, so not having good recall isn’t a problem. Clients often find that as dogs are off lead with us their recall naturally improves.
Do you clean dogs before they come home?
In the wet muddier months we do our best to send your dog home clean by hosing and towel drying them at the end of their time with us.
How old does my puppy need to be to come to the canine agency?
We ask that puppies have had their second vaccinations. We take care not to over exercise them and give them plenty of rest time when they are little.
Do I get to meet my dogwalker before I send my dog to you?
Your dogwalker will arrange a time to meet you before your dog has its first day with us, this enables everyone to meet eachother and ask any questions that you may have.
What happens with pick ups and drop offs?
Usually we are given keys to our clients houses which makes it easy if you are out when we come in the morning or afternoon. If you have a special area you like to leave your dog in, then let us know and we will drop your dog off in the afternoon sleepy and content, ready for your return.
What is the cancellation policy?
We are very flexible and understand circumstances change, so we don’t charge for cancellations unless under 24 hours notice is given, then you will be charged 50 percent of the walk charge.
Are you insured?
Yes we are comprehensively insured with a specialist company. We also ask for all our clients to have a valid pet insurance for their dog.